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Lightning Recruits is an athletic recruiting service whose goal is to provide maximum exposure for student-athletes all over the country and assist parents and student-athletes in the college recruiting process.


Bryan Henry, the Owner and Founder of Lightning Recruits, is also the founder of the Louisville Lightning AAU basketball program.  He has coached more than 500 AAU basketball games.  His AAU program has produced more than 25 players that have played at the Division 1, 2, 3 and NAIA levels.  He has also developed a massive Twitter following for the program with more than 2000 college coaches following the program from all over the country at all levels. That Twitter presence has allowed him to gain more immediate access to college coaches, communicate directly with them, and tweet player information that will be seen by hundreds of college coaches on a daily basis. 


We are not like other services that promise exposure but don’t deliver on that promise. Other services also have a large price tag, while not delivering for you and your recruiting needs.  Lightning Recruits doesn’t believe in following a cookie-cutter approach to the recruiting process. Every athlete is different and as a result, the recruiting process is going to be different for each athlete. 

Let's get you recruited!!!

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